To help women, family members and caregivers battle the personal issues related to cervical cancer and HPV and to advocate for cervical health in all women by promoting prevention through education about early vaccination, Pap testing and HPV testing when recommended.

The Coalition includes:

  • Primarily women, family members, friends and caregivers
  • Women’s groups
  • Healthcare providers
  • Bio-tech companies
  • Cancer researchers
  • Hospitals
  • Organizations providing cervical cancer detection programs
  • Other related associations

JOIN HANDS  Services

  • Support services for JOIN HANDS grassroot chapters whose mission is to educate their community about HPV and cervical health issues.
  • Free materials that educate about HPV and cervical health, including cervical cancer.
  • Tools for prevention, detection and screening awareness.
  • Quilt project – Quilts that trave


The mission of the Join Hands Allahabad,is saving lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection.Our mission is to improve cancer care by providing easily accessible cancer navigation tools and services that promote self-advocacy for all patients and their family members.Through meaningful education and consultation, we will improve the quality of your cancer care by helping you make better medical decisions. At a time when careful action is required, we are here to help you get it right.

  • To create awareness that Cancer is preventable and curable.
  • To facilitate early detection of cancer.
  • To offer emotional support and medical aid to cancer patients.
  • To establish and encourage cancer survivorship programmes.
  • To reintegrate cancer survivors back into society.
  • To facilitate advocacy and research against for cancer.

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